Rescued Kittens, Teens and Adults - transport to Ottawa Feb 2nd

Rescued Kittens, Teens and Adults - transport to Ottawa Feb 2nd
City: Montréal
Last visit: 2014-01-29
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Posted: 2014-01-29


NEXT TRIP TO OTTAWA : SUNDAY FEB 2ND 2014   * Always possible to get your kitties faster - meet in Hawkesbury!     RESCUE LAST KITTENS   ·         INCLUDED WITH ALL ADOPTIONS :  VACCINATED, DEWORMED AND NEUTURED - ALL CERTIFICATS REMITTED WITH EVERY ADOPTION.   ·         EVERY PET HAS RECEIVED MONTHLY FLEE AND EAR MITES TREATEMENTS   ·         ADOPTED PETS ARE BROUGHT DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME BY VOLUNTEERS (OTTAWA REGION) EVERY 2 WEEKS ON WEEK-ENDS.   ·         1 MONTH TRIAL PERIOD  TO ENSURE ALL HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF A GOOD INTEGRATION AND ARE HAPPY IN THEIR NEW HOME! * If for any reason the adopted pet must be returned, we will pick it up on our next trip to Ottawa/Gatineau region and refund your donation for the adoption.  Kittens adopted close to their 4th month will be neutured before bringing them to their forever homes!   ·         For more pictures, check our Petfinder page   ·         For more information -  please contact

 Lynn 1 - 450 447-6907 (South-Shore of Montreal)       CATEGORY KITTENS : 3 – 4 MONTHS VACCIN AND BOOSTER SHOTS ALREADY DONE   All the kittens have been socialized in foster families and are all trained to use a cardboard scratching post – no declawing as this is the equivalent of an amputation of the of the first knuckles.   P.S. WHEN THE ADOPTED KITTEN IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE NEUTURED  (4 – 6 MONTHS TRANPORT WILL BE ARRANGED BY LAST KITTENS TO PICK THEM UP ON THE SUNDAY PRECEEDING THEIR VET APPOINTMENT AND RETURNED THE ON MONDAY NIGHT.   SUGGESTED DONATIONS FOR ADOPTED KITTENS TO HELP US WITH OUR VET COST Male kitten $150 /  Female kitten $165 (3 - 4 months)  All included  2 vaccines, dewormed and spayed cost included     Carillon:  Russian Blue and white, short hair, female – very playful – also a good fit with kids – not nervous. (pic pale blue background - Crystal's sister) Already spayed.   Crystal :  Tabby and white – short hair – female – very playful and a little bit shy. (Carillon 's sister - pale blue background also)  - Already spayed .   FEATURED : Star Treck litter  5 months $125 DONATION Already spayed and getting along well in their socialisation!   Capitaine Picard 5 months : Tabby brown – long hair - male - will grow into a big boy! Loves attention and to be petted!   Wesley (M) - gray and orange on belly – long hair. Comming along very well in his socialisation, cries to be petted and comes when you call him. Working on taking him in my arms for longer periods. Very gentle kitten.   Mr. Sulu (M) 5 months - has mitts: Gray - long hair - has mitts - like to be petted and will bloom in a calm environment in a good home that can give them time to adjust – can be given with one of his brothers, Wesley or Capitaine Picard, so he continues his progress as he is the only left still skittish to be picked up.   CATEGORY : YOUNG TEEN CATS 7  months less than 1 yr     SUGGESTED DONATION TO HELP US WITH OUR VET COST 75$ FOR A TEEN / 2 TEENS IS BETTER $125 for a pair! Already vaccinated, dewormed and already neutered – certificates remitted with all adoptions Affectionate & friendly, clean Trained to scratch on cardboard scratchboard and have nails trimmed – no declawing!   FEATURED PAIRS that enjoys each others company!     Cosmo Kramer (M): white tabby short hair & Brad Pitt (M) orange long hair :  both super affectionate and are very cute to see them play together. Already spayed!    Jackie Tyler (F) diluted calico – gray and orange short hair: great teen that is super affectionate and would love to have kids play with her!  Her thing  - she likes to run away with all sort of objects - especially the pens she hides in her secret stash! Already spayed! Sweet Jackie is reserved by Selina and will be going to her forever home on my February 2nd with Pink already resreved!   CATEGORY : YOUNG ADULTS  1 - 2 YEARS   SUGGESTED DONATION


ADOPT 2 is better $75 for a pair of young adults!   Already vaccinated, dewormed and already neutered – certificates remitted with all adoptions Affectionate & friendly, clean Trained to scratch on cardboard scratchboard and have nails trimmed – no declawing!   Marge Simpson (F) - Tabby gray and some orange  – very affectionate and calm. Rescued in a yard with her 3 kittens.  She is happy to be back inside and make a great inside lap cat!    Jack Sparrow (M) - Black and a bit of white (tuxedo) – very relax and would do good with kids! Gets along with all the other adult cats – not dominant or territorial. He was rescued after being dumped in a mobile park. He is also very happy to be an inside cat and loves attention. He is a cuddler - will cudlle with you to watch TV! He is always hanging around you!   Rosalie (F) - 3 color diluted calico short hair  - affectionate and ideally, she is kept inside but would enjoy a little yard and grass to chew if she had the opportunity! Had been found abandoned on a balcony with her 6 kittens!   Gabrelle (F) – beautiful tortoise shell – very small and chatty! She loves to be petted and will chirp as you pet her but she is nervous when you try to pick her up. She was rescued from a bad hoarding situation and has come a long way since and continues to progress.  Looking for a home with no kids and no dogs as she is nervous around them.  She gets along well with all the other cats and kitten – looking for mature women as I have learned she is scared of male voices. She is very lovey dovey with other cats.  Can be included with an other adoption as 2 for 1 special!  Reserved for Vanessa - Trip February 2nd   Mine de Rien - F - 2 yrs old - gray and white long hair.  Very sweet and affectionate.  She is super well behaved, never scatches the furniture and loves her scartch board and her toys. Shown in pic with her favorite toy.   Thank you for considering to adopt a rescued cat – this saves lives.   Last Kittens wishes we had  similar laws in Québec as Ontario that ensures all cats in pet shops are rescued and neutered (or included) which helps solves the problem of feline over population. Bravo Ontario!  In the meantime, we thank you for helping us find good homes to these rescues who deserve a second chance!   P.S. need to get as many furry friends adopted out of my rescue since my father is in hospital with terminal cancer and am the only family member left to be there for him! Thank you for helping me find good homes for all those rescued kitties!

Date of Birth: 01-Aug-13

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